MSL Extra Credit Opportunity

Over spring break, I had the opportunity to volunteer with Milwaukee School of Languages’ Digital Writing club. Since we have been writing tutors with the freshman class over the course of the semester, I was eager to meet the young writers. I was hoping to be able to work with one of my students and hopefully help them in some way with their final projects in their writing club.

For this club, the students satisfy a community volunteer requirement of MPS. The students must each select a community (or larger scale) issue, conduct research, interview community members, and create a final video project displaying their issue and the research they compiled. The students at MSL had some impressive issues (domestic abuse of women, school lunch programs, ect.)

The student I worked with was focusing on LGBT resources, specifically focused on young people and the Milwaukee area. He was a transgender student and felt that he was lacking support from his community. We met and he conducted an interview with me, and I was able to share my experiences being a member of my high school’s GSA and my friendship with my LGBT friends. I really enjoyed doing this volunteer opportunity because it gave me insight as to how inspired these young people are and how much they want to make positive changes in the world.

As a teacher, I learned the possibilities of digital writing through this experience. Since the students were so passionate about their projects, they were eager to experiment with digital literacy and platforms. I feel like incorporating this type of project into a curriculum could be an effective way to introduce students to digital writing.

Image result for student activism


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